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        Donations: To Alliance Vision Educational Center


This is the proposed Alliance Vision High School's Building,You can be part of this noble cause by Donating to help us purchase a piece of land and build this kind of structure for our boys and girls in High school.


Donations: To A.V.E.C

A.V.E.C Is a community-based organization with a mandate to support orphans, widows, aged persons and vulnerable children in the slum areas of Kenya.You can make a donation through the following ways.

For anyone who may be Interested to partner with us you can contact us  through  [email protected] and for those who may also be willing to donate toward Purchasing a piece of land and Construction,even those who are willing to make a general contribution for the organization's needs, Your kind support will reach us through the following means:

1] Money can be sent through WU to Mr.George Otieno Sera

2] Money can be sent through Money Gram, to Mr George Otieno Sera

3] Money can also be sent through Wave transfer to +254 720 621 521

4] Money can also sent through Xoom to Mr George Otieno Sera

5] Money can also be sent through paypal to [email protected]


Funds can be sent to the organization's account as indicated herein below:

a] Organization Name     :  Alliance Vision Educational Center

b] Bank Name                 :   Cooperative Bank Of Kenya

c] Account Branch          :    Dandora

d] Account Number        :  01134381043300

g] Swift code number     :   KCOOKENA

Check our Donation Column and see which method suits you any Donation will be highly appreciated.This Structure only Requires 200k GBP  that includes Purchase of Land and Building the structure on It.
Remember we have located where we can get enough land for the building and the building will accommodate learners and Boarders.Having that building we shall be able to stop paying every Month's Rent which is too costly and also save the lives of the students dropping out of school due to lack of accommodation,The below building is where we are at the moment.



Sponsor a Child Today!

Child sponsorship starts with having a desire to help kids in need affected by extreme poverty and disease around the world. The rest is up to you.

Alliance Vision Education Centre has over 250 children registered in our Sponsorship program serving locations in Kenya.

You may financially support a child or children from one of these countries for $30.00 a month. Your monthly sponsorship goes to the direct support of your child.

Child Sponsors will receive a photograph of their child along with a profile that will give more information about that child. Some of that information may include the community or village where they live, grade, health or hobbies of that child.

Along with your financial support, you will have the opportunity to establish communication with their sponsored child through letters and family photographs.

Sponsors may also have an option to send their child to Boarding School for an additional fee. It provides them with full room & board, three meals a day, tuition & a uniform.

There is no other greater feeling than to actually meet your sponsored child in person. We take at least one international trip a year to the country where your orphan lives.

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Sponsor A Child

Your sponsorship will make the difference in the life of a child.

Alliance Vision Education Centre sponsors hundreds of orphans and needy children in Kenya from the slums . We are striving to restore the dignity stripped from these innocent children that are suffering through poverty and disease. By supporting these children, we can offer them a foundation of a bright future.

For only $30.00/per month you will provide the basics along with health care and an education to one of the many orphans that Manna Ministries International has available.

Children registered in our sponsorship program benefit by:

• Healthcare & Medicine - through our medical clinics
• Education - School tuition, school supplies & school uniform (needed to obtain an education)
• Basic provisions - clothes, shoes, mattress, mosquito nets (where app.)
• Feeding Program - Food is offered to our Children/Students

You will receive a photograph of your child and also be able to communicate with them. Plan a trip to Kenya Africa and have the opportunity of a lifetime to meet them!

If you have any questions, please contact our sponsorship department in our office at +254720 621 521 or email [email protected]

Sponsor a child today!
Rescue a child from the grips of AIDS and poverty.

Bring hope to a child in need of some of life's most basic necessities for only $30.00 a month. You will receive information and a photograph of your child. Correspondence may be made with your child through a provided address.

Your donation directly benefits the support of your child.