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 May 11, 2013


Letter of Recommendation from Patricia King-Edwards


To Whom It May Concern,

As I am actually the one who helped George Sera of Alliance Vision Education Centre‏ in Nairobi, Kenya, put this Business Plan together, I can say without doubt that I stand alongside anything he chooses to do for educating the slum children of Kenya.  Alliance Vision has the appropriate name as George is a man of vision who can see good outcomes clearly. I hope that this Business Plan will convince others to share with us in financially supporting such a great cause.

God bless you all,                                                                                                                                  

PATRICIA KING –EDWARDS   Ottawa Canada                                                               

teacher, Editor, Writer and Ghost writer,                                                                                         




May 11, 2013


Letter of Recommendation from Patrick P. Stafford


To Whom It May Concern:


It has been my pleasure and honor to meet and know George Sera, and work with him in raising awareness and assistance for his eclectic school Alliance Vision Education Centre in Nairobi, Kenya.  George is a leader, and this is so needed for Alliance Vision.  Without him, the school would be lost and so many lives terribly diminished.  George is integral to the Centre’s operation, survival, growth and progress. George has earned my total trust and confidence.  He is an honorable man, a dedicated Christian, and a brave and caring man.  He gives his all for A.V.E.C and to its children.  It is truly a privilege to work with George and know him and call him friend.  I want every person to know that he is someone worthy of their complete trust and total respect. 


AVEC, despite its many challenges and tremendous needs, is a bone fide education center and school— and a godsend to its students and the children it helps and has helped.  With George Sera as its leader and director, I know the school will succeed and continue to provide the vital services it does.  It is my privilege to help.  I hope others will too.




Patrick P. Stafford

Patrick P. Stafford

Professional Writer, Editor & Journalist

Northridge, CA 91324




May 1, 2013


Letter of Recommendation from Brad Weinman


To Whom It May Concern:


Over the past several years it has been both my and my wife’s pleasure to work with Mr. George Sera and contribute to the Alliance Vision Education Centre in Nairobi, Kenya, for which Mr. Sera is the principal and a teacher.  His Christian school has been in operation for many years and has provided essential education and tremendous assistance to many hundreds of Kenyan children during that time. 


George Sera is a very honorable man and his commitment and dedication to Alliance Vision Education Centre and to his pupils is quite admirable and unsurpassed.  Yes, the school is impoverished and always struggling to stay afloat and survive and most of the school staff work 24/7 to keep the school going and to give the children an education of the highest quality.  This they do even though most the time they receive no salary and must confront and overcome a host of social and material challenges.  However, all of them are amazing people, and their commitment and dedication is also unsurpassed.


I stay in contact with Alliance Vision Education Centre as often as possible and my wife and I donate time and money to them whenever we can.  Their cause is a very important one, and their school is so necessary to all the children they reach out to, and provide education and sustenance to, whose lives the school makes a very positive difference to.  I encourage others to help and contribute to Alliance Vision Education Centre however they can.  Although needing a great deal of financial support, the Centre is a very professional school and of immense benefit to the children and people of Kenya.




Brad Weinman

Brad Weinman

Businessman & Marketing Guru

Encino, CA ______