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Alliance Vision Educational Centre Staff

The Organization has a total of sixteen staff members including subordinate staff members, three cooks and ten volunteer teachers who are truly good Samaritans. Our staff members provide all  their services with token remuneration, purely out of good will and charity. All of our teachers are young men and women who, although they have no gainful income, in good faith they are preoccupied with charity work.

The shared vision that drives all of us is the desire to provide quality education to and learning opportunities for children who cannot otherwise afford the cost of accessing or receiving the same elsewhere. A.V.E.C has not yet fully accomplished this purpose, but the goal is to evolve and improve. A.V.E.C will eventually become a complete learning institution with primary, secondary and vocational/ tertiary college. A considerable amount of fund-raising will be necessary to achieve this goal, however.

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Mr. George Otieno Sera
The Managing Director
Alliance Vision Educational Centre
P.O. Box 366-00516 
ail address: [email protected] 




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 Mr Kenneth Ngesa Barasa-Kenyan Co-Coordinator


 Patty Patrick of Radio RSF1. in Austria/Europe

Is the coordinator of Alliance Vision Education Centre which Operates in Nairobi Slums Areas in Kenya

You can also follow Mrs Patty Patrick on 

  Here is the Official Letter for Mrs Patty Patrick



Sponsor a Child Today!

Child sponsorship starts with having a desire to help kids in need affected by extreme poverty and disease around the world. The rest is up to you.

Alliance Vision Education Centre has over 250 children registered in our Sponsorship program serving locations in Kenya.

You may financially support a child or children from one of these countries for $30.00 a month. Your monthly sponsorship goes to the direct support of your child.

Child Sponsors will receive a photograph of their child along with a profile that will give more information about that child. Some of that information may include the community or village where they live, grade, health or hobbies of that child.

Along with your financial support, you will have the opportunity to establish communication with their sponsored child through letters and family photographs.

Sponsors may also have an option to send their child to Boarding School for an additional fee. It provides them with full room & board, three meals a day, tuition & a uniform.

There is no other greater feeling than to actually meet your sponsored child in person. We take at least one international trip a year to the country where your orphan lives.

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Sponsor A Child

Your sponsorship will make the difference in the life of a child.

Alliance Vision Education Centre sponsors hundreds of orphans and needy children in Kenya from the slums . We are striving to restore the dignity stripped from these innocent children that are suffering through poverty and disease. By supporting these children, we can offer them a foundation of a bright future.

For only $30.00/per month you will provide the basics along with health care and an education to one of the many orphans that Manna Ministries International has available.

Children registered in our sponsorship program benefit by:

• Healthcare & Medicine - through our medical clinics
• Education - School tuition, school supplies & school uniform (needed to obtain an education)
• Basic provisions - clothes, shoes, mattress, mosquito nets (where app.)
• Feeding Program - Food is offered to our Children/Students

You will receive a photograph of your child and also be able to communicate with them. Plan a trip to Kenya Africa and have the opportunity of a lifetime to meet them!

If you have any questions, please contact our sponsorship department in our office at +254720 621 521 or email [email protected]

Sponsor a child today!
Rescue a child from the grips of AIDS and poverty.

Bring hope to a child in need of some of life's most basic necessities for only $30.00 a month. You will receive information and a photograph of your child. Correspondence may be made with your child through a provided address.

Your donation directly benefits the support of your child.

Please fill out the form below and our sponsorship department will contact you to

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